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With over two decades of experience, Oren Sela has established himself as a versatile and accomplished musician, enriching the worlds of film, theater, and live performance with his unique style, dedication, and expertise as a composer, orchestrator, and producer.


For the last decade, Oren has had the privilege of collaborating with industry giants such as Disney, Universal Studios, and Warner Brothers, where he has composed and orchestrated music for a diverse array of projects.


As a film composer, Oren has crafted scores that breathe life into narratives, transporting audiences into the heart of cinematic storytelling. His compositions, spanning classical, jazz, big band, electronic, and everything in between, reflect his fluency in both traditional and modern film music styles.


With a portfolio that includes scores for numerous feature and short films, theatrical productions and musicals, Oren continues to leave his mark on the music industry, his passion for storytelling through music serving as a guiding force in his career.

Oren Sela

Cell: +972-52-625-8443


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