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Oren Sela is a prolific composer, producer, orchestrator and conductor with a career spanning over 25 years, writing music for numerous motion pictures, theater shows, TV and commercials. His credits are readily available here

Fluid in classical, Hybrid, Electronic, Jazz, Rock & Pop music, Oren moves smoothly between genres and conforms his scores to whatever is necessary to tell a story. 

From a very early age Oren fell in love with the music of the great american composers, as the likes of John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and Korngold, and made it his goal to pursue those standards of craftsmanship.

For the last few years Oren has been closely working with Disney, composing, orchestrating and producing shows for their parks all over the world, and for their branding departments, collaborating with the best orchestras in the world.

His major film credits include "V-Day 11.11.11", a documentary of US veterans, Directed by Emmy award winner John C.P. Goheen. "Present Continuous", a feature film Directed by Aner Preminger and "Meir & I" a full  length documentary directed by Micha Amitai.

Oren plays piano, guitar & bass, flute, saxsophone and drums, and has shared the stage with Israel's most acclaimed artists.

Oren Sela

Cell: +972-52-625-8443


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