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Film Scores:

- "Ingrown Nail" - A short film, directed by Amir Rotchild.

- "V-Day 11.11.11" - full length documentary directed by award winning director John C.P Goheen.

- "Life Meanwhile” - full feature, directed by Aner Preminger.


- “Israeli Idol”

- "The Dinner Club”

- Israeli Idol: “Lifeline show”

- Numerous appearances in All major Israeli channels


- “Two Kuni Lemel”

- “The Witch”

- “Esther’s Cabaret”

- “By Mir Bistu Shein”

- "a tribute to Cheech"

- "a tribute to A. Pen"

- "Happy Ending”

- “Yassin Family and Lucy In the Sky”

- "Behind the Fence”

- “Cabaret Voltaire”

- "The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise”

- "Off The Track”

- "Stripes Leopard”

- "The Maids”

- "The Island”

- "Antigone”

- "The Ghost's Tavern”

- "The Twelfth Night”

Orchestral Stage Work:

- Disney - numerous events, shows, parades and spectaculars for Disney Imagineering, Disney Parks Live Entertainment, Disneyland International and many more.

- Opening Evening of Haifa Festival, featuring the HSO (Haifa Symphonic Orchestra)

- Osnat Harel's Debute album

- The Israel National Festival in Jerusalem, featuring the JSO (the Jerusalem Symphonic Orchestra)

- The Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva, featuring Idan Yaniv

- The Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva, an evening dedicated to Neomy Shemer


- Marina Maximilian Blumin - Stage shows, TV shows and recordings

- Amir Benayun

- Noga Halif - Debute Album

- Doron Ben Amy - Debute Album

- Nancy Karin Vardi - Debute Album

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