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Oren Sela is a prolific film composer, producer, orchestrator and conductor with a career spanning over 20 years, writing music for numerous theater shows, motion pictures and commercials. 

Fluid in classical, contemporary and Jazz music, Oren moves smoothly between genres and is able to adjust himself to any kind of a musical score. 

As a keyboard player and producer Oren has shared the stage with Israel's leading artists.

From a very early age Oren fell in love with the music of the great american composers, as the likes of John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith, and made it his goal to reach those levels of craftsmanship, both in writing music and story telling.

For years he educated himself on the lost art of classical film scoring, as it has been done since the early ages, as well as the modern methods used today. As a result, Oren can easily go from a golden age sounding score to an epic up to date score with ease, still maintaining the most important thing - the story. 

Growing up in Israel, Oren soaked in the many eclectic styles of music around him which he now incorporates into his on uniqe style.

For the last few years Oren has been composing and arranging for Disney, producing shows for their parks all over the world in, working with the best orchestras in the world.

His film credits include "V-Day 11.11.11", a documentary of US veterans, Directed by Emmy award winner John C.P. Goheen. "Present Continuous", a feature film Directed by Aner Preminger and "Meir & I" a full  length documentary directed by Micha Amitai.

His theater credits include dosens of shows, in Israel and Europe leading theaters and festivals. 

On TV, Oren had arranged for many shows, on all major Israeli channels, among them are "Israeli Idol - Life Line" which he musically produced, and "The Next Star" - both on prime time TV. 

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