Oren Sela is a film composer, producer, orchestrator and conductor based in Israel. For over 20 years Oren has been writing music for numerous theater shows, motion pictures and commercials, and as a performer - sharing the stage with Israel's leading artists.

Fluid in classical, contemporary and Jazz music, Oren moves smoothly between genres and is able to adjust himself to any kind of musical score. 

His film credits include "V-Day 11.11.11", a full documentary about US veterans, Directed by Emmy award winner John C.P. Goheen. "Present Continuous", a feature film Directed by Aner Preminger. "Meir & I" a full documentary directed by Micha Amitai.

For the last few years Oren has been composing and arranging for Disney, producing shows in all different styles and with the best orchestras in the world. From the classical Disney style to Pop, big band, oriental and ethnic, his music is played in Disney parks worldwide. 

Oren is a pianist, guitarist, flutist and sax player.